Code Poetry in Clojure

What follows is my winning entry to the Vienna Code Poetry Slam 2016. It is an executable Clojure program. To read the poem, drop all special characters but keep the spaces. So for example

:life is (not :a))} :s))})))print)


life is not a sprint

And here is the poem:

(def is "death") (

def is true) (
def was #(not (= % false))) (
def said "you") (

while (some was said) (
and "nothing" was :done) (
some #{said} ["you"
"are the chosen" "one"]) ({

:to :die :in :this} :world) (-> (
:to (:die :al(:one {
:to :die :forsaken
:as :the :only :one (

let [him "finish" his "job"] ({
:you :can't :interfere
"your job i":s {:to "keep going\n"}
:and "wait" :for him :here

"he" :will (take his) :time (
and "so should you"
:life is (not :a))} :s))})))print)
"remember that too")

The program prints in an endless loop:

keep going
keep going
keep going